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Maintenance service


During the Qing and Ming Dynasties, there were many rains, but even rainwater was very harmful to the construction of large excavators. Xiaobian laid the key points for you. Attentions should be paid to carrying out heavy loads in rainy days:

Rainy construction is not desirable, but light rain, showers and urgent need to catch up with the construction period, often unavoidable. At this time, attention should be paid to observe the surrounding working environment, check whether the construction site is soft and will trap the car. Bamboo poles can be used to explore the surrounding terrain. If the mud is too deep and there is a possibility of car trapping, work should be stopped immediately.

Excavators have strong power, so it is unavoidable to increase the pressure on the ground during heavy-duty operations. In construction, if the car body has been felt to sink, it is necessary to stop work in time, find a support point to support the car body with the arm, prevent further sinking, and drive the equipment to the safety area. Night construction should keep the headlights, working lights, ceiling lights, instrument lights, wipers and other normal work to ensure the safety of construction. Fuel should be sufficient before the end of construction, so as to evacuate the working area at any time in case of emergencies.

If you are working in mountainous areas, you must watch carefully before the rainstorm comes. Check whether the mountain is broken, whether there is unreasonable excavation, discarded soil, discarded slag, quarrying and so on, and check whether the vegetation adheres well. Experienced pilots can often judge the possibility of landslides, landslides and debris flows from these details and take precautions as early as possible.

In principle, the excavator should avoid wading as far as possible. If it has to wade, please do not let the water surface exceed the center of the upper supporting wheel. If the water surface overflows the rotating ring, pay attention to changing the grease in the ring in time. When working in water, do not tilt the excavator over 15 degrees to avoid damage to the radiator fan. The crawler tightening cylinder should also be adjusted and tightened regularly to remove the sludge on the cylinder and prevent the cylinder from rusting.

If the equipment needs to cross the river, it is necessary to explore the water ahead of time to prevent heavy losses caused by flooding. For waterless River construction, it should be transferred to shore as soon as possible before raining to prevent upstream rainstorm or flood discharge equipment of power plants. Rainstorms are usually accompanied by strong winds. Machines operating in urban areas should be careful to avoid parking trees, poles, fences, temporary or dilapidated houses, so as to avoid the collapse of high objects and damage to the machine.

On rainy days, the storage of equipment is also exquisite. If parking conditions permit, it is better to store the excavator in an indoor dry place and clean up the soil and debris on the machine. When parking in the open air, pay attention to check whether the cover of fuel tank and hydraulic tank is tightened, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by rain infiltration into the tank. When parking, retract all cylinders as far as possible. If there is bare cylinder block, grease should also be applied to strengthen the protection.

Stopping work in rainy days is a good time for maintenance. You can take the opportunity to do a comprehensive physical examination for the machine, repair and replace vulnerable parts, clean the radiator surface, lubricate all lubrication points, etc. When rainy days are long, you need to take off the battery and store it in a dry and safe place after filling up the electricity. If you do not remove it, you should also turn off the main switch of the power supply and disconnect the cable of the battery as far as possible.

Since July, precipitation has generally increased throughout the country. Construction in rainy season pays attention to "three days are doomed, seven minutes depend on careful". Make detailed plans for your Cat equipment in advance, which will achieve twice the result with half the effort. Receive our "rainy season construction guide" and let Cat equipment go with you "rain and wind"!